May 15, 2015

Another baby growing up too fast

Parker and I have loved our times together while he nurses. Parts of me are ready for this phase to be over. Mostly just the 2-3 times a night that we get up, he eats, and then goes back to sleep. However as our time starts to come to a close I am a little sad. Parker is almost 13 months and I can tell my milk is not producing the quanity that it has in the past. This is the longest I have ever nursed one of my babes. The girls both stopped at 11 months. However, he is getting frustrated with the lack of milk and often, even after nursing, I have had to give him milk or water to satisfy his thirst/fill him. Tonight when I was putting him to bed he was talking to me in such a silly voice. I swear he was telling me, "uh, there's nothing in there mama!" After about 10 min of frustration and switching back and forth from side to side I gave him some milk in a cup and laid him in his crib. He softly held my hand as he went to sleep...
He would have had more breastmilk had he not insisted on nursing 30 min before bed when we were finishing up some family time. He always finds a way to get to me though, even if it's not ideal for either of us.
 I do enjoy ever min of our time together. We have struggled with a few feeding issues and nursing hasn't been easy. Much harder than with the girls. Maybe that's why I appreciate it more this time around. I am thankful that I have been able to provide for him in this way for as long as I have been able to. But as he grows and learns to eat more satisfying foods, this season starts to pass by quickly and a new season will arise. I will enjoy the next season as much as this one, but I know in my heart I will miss this time as well. The moments after he has a full belly and he falls asleep in my arms. We spend some time together without any interruptions and  it's calming. I feel our hearts and souls reconnecting after a busy day in the Johnson House. 

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