April 22, 2015

If only time stood still

I'm sitting in my son's room, rocking hm ever so gently on the eve of his first birthday. He lays in my arms like a newborn would and I can't help but think how has it already been a year? Weren't we just in the hospital? Just him and I enjoying the silence and looking into each other's eyes. It breaks my heart that this year is not the same. This year he is trying to fight off a fever, an ear infection, and most likely nausea. I know he will get better, but he's so cranky and miserable. I wish there was more I could do for him. 
Happy birthday to my keeper of the forest; keeper of the park; keeper of the land. I hope this is the only birthday you are sick on! And I hope every year we can sit with each other and enjoy the silence together.  

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