May 5, 2016

A letter to myself

Dear future me,
     Since the middle of January you have been living out of a hotel/Rv/your in-laws home and now its the beginning of May. You are going semi crazy at times. There are melt downs pretty much everybody and more than you would like to count. But you have hope every morning you wake up that there will be progress on the new house and you will be that much closer to moving out and into a new home for you and your family. But stop. Wait. I want to explain somethings that you might forget. You might only remember the craziness that is your life right now and forget the things that make to adventure so much more special than it really seems to be.

1. Sleeping in close quarters.

There will be a time when your kids no longer crawl up into your bed at night and snuggle next to you. When Parker won't want to place his hand on your face ever so gently just to let you know he loves you. A time when Grace no longer wakes up an wants to climb under your covers and sleep for an extra 10 min. next to you. There will be a time when Emma doesn't ask for you to snuggle with her while she falls asleep. Soon you will all have our own rooms and as nice as it is to have some privacy these moments you will forever miss. They may happen here and there but it won't be the same. You won't be able to hear them sleeping just a little ways away while the rain plays its masterpiece on the roof above you.

2. Family moments

It sounds crazy to live with 5 other adults plus your 3 kids, but you already have had some unforgetable memories from this adventure. There is something about living with people that helps you just grow closer to them naturally.

3. Apperication for the down time
    If this adventure has taught you anything, it's to appricate the moments of peace. To do things for yourself in addition to all the things you do for others. You may not miss the times that are super hectic, but this time in your life has taught you that morning coffees, devotionalas, morning/evening prayer, a good book, your favorite show, and peace in the bathroom are not to be taken for granted. Not only for yourself but for others as well.

4. Love languages
Gosh! How can you not learn more about your husband and kids when living the way you are. You will miss the times you really connected but no too much because this has made you so more aware of each individual's love language.

5. Family dinners
 Hahaha! Screaming, laughing, and good food. These family dinners are probably louder than most peel would love, but for some reason you love them. They at fun. And you will miss all the extra bodies around your kitchen table once you move out.

I'm not sure when this house project will be done but I do know this... This time in your life is hectic, stressful, and sometimes completely unnerving, but don't let this things overshadow the wonderful moments of laughter, love, silliness, and good food. When it all comes to an end, it's those things you want to hold onto forever.

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